Apex High School Lockdown, Shooting Threat Written on Bathroom Wall - Apex, NC

Apex High School Lockdown, Shooting Threat Written on Bathroom Wall – Apex, NC

In a concerning incident, Apex Friendship High School in Apex, North Carolina, went on high alert after a shooting threat was discovered on a bathroom wall. The ominous message, reading “I have a gun, leave before 9:30. I need help,” triggered immediate action from the school administration and law enforcement. This article provides an overview of the situation, the response taken, and the commitment to maintaining a safe environment for students and staff.

Discovery of the Threat

Students and staff at Apex Friendship High School were met with an unsettling situation when a shooting threat was discovered on a bathroom wall. The message, which included a specific time reference, raised serious concerns and prompted the school to take swift action to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises.

School’s Response

The administration of Apex Friendship High School acted promptly upon receiving reports from vigilant students. A statement was promptly issued to the school community to keep everyone informed about the ongoing situation. The safety of students and staff remained the top priority as the school liaised with the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) Security Department and local law enforcement.

Communication to Parents

The school took a proactive approach to keep parents informed, recognizing the crucial role they play as partners in maintaining a secure school environment. A statement addressed to the Apex Friendship High School families assured them that all students were safe and that the threat was being thoroughly investigated.

Investigation by Authorities

Both the WCPSS Security Department and law enforcement were immediately engaged to investigate the nature and credibility of the threat. This collaborative effort aims to identify the source of the message and take appropriate action to prevent any potential harm. The commitment to a thorough investigation underscores the dedication to the safety of the school community.

Normal School Operations

Despite the gravity of the situation, the school made it clear that operations would continue as normal. The commitment to providing a safe and secure learning environment remains unwavering, and measures are in place to ensure that the daily activities of the school are not disrupted.

Encouraging Vigilance and Reporting

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of students being vigilant and promptly reporting any potential threats. The administration commended the students for their cooperation and encouraged parents to discuss the significance of reporting such incidents with their children. The statement also highlighted the serious consequences of making hoax threats, including criminal prosecution and school suspension.


In the face of a shooting threat, Apex Friendship High School has demonstrated resilience and a commitment to the safety of its students and staff. The swift response, collaboration with authorities, and open communication with the school community are essential components in managing such situations. As the investigation unfolds, the school remains focused on maintaining a normal school day while reinforcing the importance of vigilance and reporting to ensure the continued safety of all individuals within its premises. Parents are encouraged to stay informed and actively engage in discussions with their children about the significance of reporting any suspicious activities for the collective well-being of the school community.

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