Cammy Babiarz Obituary, Remembering Cammy Babiarz, A Tribute to a Brave Soul and Rett Syndrome Advocate

Cammy Babiarz Obituary, Remembering Cammy Babiarz, A Tribute to a Brave Soul and Rett Syndrome Advocate

In a poignant moment that touched the hearts of many, Cammy Babiarz, aged 13, bid farewell on December 13, 2023, surrounded by loved ones, while the melodies of Andrea Bocelli filled the air. This article pays tribute to Cammy’s vibrant spirit, highlighting her journey, the incredible strength of her parents, and the outpouring of support from the community and the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

Cammy’s Life and Legacy

Born on March 10, 2010, Cammy’s story unfolded as a testament to resilience and unwavering determination. The daughter of Jackie Corrado Babiarz and Billy, Cammy’s early years were marked by the love and devotion of her parents. Jackie, a teacher at Lake Forest High School, exhibited extraordinary strength and perseverance, not only as an educator but also as an advocate for Rett Syndrome awareness.

Rett Syndrome Awareness

Cammy’s life was intertwined with the mission to spread awareness about Rett Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. Her parents, Jackie and Billy, exemplified extraordinary strength and determination in sharing Cammy’s story, raising awareness about the challenges faced by those affected by this condition.

Social Media Tributes

The news of Cammy’s passing reverberated across social media platforms, with heartfelt tributes pouring in from friends, family, and well-wishers. The International Rett Syndrome Foundation joined in mourning the loss of this brave soul and commended the Babiarz family’s dedication to advocating for Rett Syndrome awareness.

Community Support

Expressions of sympathy and condolences flooded social media, illustrating the profound impact Cammy had on those who knew her story. Messages from friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike conveyed a shared sense of grief and solidarity with the Babiarz family during this difficult time.


As we remember Cammy Babiarz, let us reflect on the indomitable spirit she brought into the world. Her legacy lives on through the strength of her parents, the Rett Syndrome advocacy work they championed, and the outpouring of support from a compassionate community. In the face of loss, may we find solace in the shared memories and continue to honor Cammy’s memory by raising awareness about Rett Syndrome and supporting those who navigate its challenges.

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