Eunice Shooting, Eunice Shooting Tragedy, Argument Escalates into Injuries for Two Adults and a Child

Eunice Shooting, Eunice Shooting Tragedy, Argument Escalates into Injuries for Two Adults and a Child

A quiet afternoon in Eunice, Louisiana, took a harrowing turn when a heated argument escalated into a shooting incident, leaving two adults and a child injured. This article explores the details surrounding the Eunice shooting, the police response, and the ongoing investigation into this tragic event that unfolded on Corn Street.

The Shooting Incident Unfolds

At approximately 3:43 p.m. on a Friday, the tranquility of Eunice was shattered as the Eunice Police Department responded to reports of multiple shots fired in the area of 330 Corn Street. The origin of the disturbance was an argument between two adult males that took a violent turn, resulting in injuries for both adults and an innocent child.

Dispute Escalates Outside a Home

The dispute between the two adult males unfolded outside a residence, culminating in one of them firing a shot that critically injured the other, striking him in the head. The gravity of the situation increased when a woman emerged from the home holding a two-year-old child. Tragically, both the woman and the child were also shot during the altercation.

Emergency Response

Emergency services rushed to the scene to attend to the injured parties. The adult male victim, in critical condition, was airlifted to a hospital for immediate medical attention. The woman received treatment and was later released, while the child was hospitalized in stable condition. The response from medical professionals played a crucial role in addressing the immediate aftermath of the Eunice shooting.

Search for the Suspect

As chaos ensued, the suspect fled the location, prompting law enforcement to initiate a search operation. The Eunice Police Department is actively working to locate the suspect and urges anyone with information related to the crime to come forward. Authorities are seeking assistance from the community and encourage individuals to contact Eunice Police or St. Landry Crime Stoppers with relevant information.

Ongoing Investigation

The Eunice shooting remains an ongoing investigation, with law enforcement committed to unraveling the circumstances surrounding the incident. The community is advised to stay informed through official updates as investigators work tirelessly to bring clarity to this tragic event.


As Eunice grapples with the aftermath of the shooting incident, the community comes together to support those affected by the violence. The healing process requires transparency, cooperation, and vigilance. The ongoing investigation underscores the dedication of law enforcement to uncover the truth and bring justice to those impacted by this unfortunate incident on Corn Street.

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