Lord Byng Lockdown, Understanding the Lord Byng Secondary Lockdown Incident

Lord Byng Lockdown, Understanding the Lord Byng Secondary Lockdown Incident

A routine day at Lord Byng Secondary in Vancouver took an unexpected turn when a prop for a teacher’s presentation triggered a lockdown and an emergency response. In this article, we delve into the details of the incident, the police response, and the resolution that unfolded during this unsettling situation.

 The Emergency Call and Lockdown

Explore the events leading up to the emergency call as a teacher at Lord Byng Secondary reported a man carrying what appeared to be a rifle into the school. Uncover how this prompted the immediate dispatch of the emergency response team, leading to a lockdown as police diligently searched for the perceived threat.

Tactical Response and Search Operation

Delve into the tactical response by the police, featuring a photo of an officer in tactical gear holding a vintage rifle found in a classroom. Understand the meticulous search operation conducted to ensure the safety of everyone on the school premises.

Discovery of the Vintage Rifle

Detail the crucial moment when officers discovered a staff member with a vintage rifle intended for a class presentation. Shed light on the circumstances surrounding the prop, emphasizing the initial misunderstanding that led to the heightened response.

Absence of Criminal Intent

Highlight the findings of the initial investigation, reassuring the public that the staff member had no criminal intent. Explore the challenges faced by law enforcement in discerning between potential threats and harmless props, especially in an era where school safety is paramount.

Impact on Neighbouring Schools

Examine the ripple effect of the incident as neighbouring schools, Jules Quesnel and Queen Elizabeth, were also placed on lockdown due to their proximity to Lord Byng. Understand how such incidents can impact not only the immediate school community but also the surrounding educational institutions.

Communication with Parents and Students

Explore the communication efforts made by the school administration, including a letter to parents from Principal Damian Wilman. Learn how the school addressed concerns, assured the safety of students, and provided access to counseling services for anyone affected by the lockdown.


As the situation at Lord Byng Secondary concludes without harm, this article concludes by emphasizing the importance of vigilance in school environments. It reflects on the challenges faced by educators and law enforcement in distinguishing potential threats from harmless situations, urging a balanced approach to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff.

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