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Mark Mitri Obituary, Buffalo, NY, Man Dies in House Fire

Buffalo, NY, mourns the loss of Mark Mitri, who tragically lost his life in a devastating house fire. As the community grieves, we remember the life and legacy of a beloved individual.

Fatal House Fire

Mark Mitri’s life was cut short as a result of a house fire that engulfed his residence. The incident unfolded in Buffalo, NY, leaving the community in shock.

Remembering Mark Mitri

As friends and family grapple with the sudden loss, Mark Mitri is remembered for his character, contributions, and the impact he had on those around him.

Support for the Family

The Buffalo community rallies together in support of Mark Mitri’s family during this challenging time, offering condolences and assistance.

Investigating the Tragedy

Authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the house fire, aiming to provide answers to the grieving community.


As Buffalo reflects on the life of Mark Mitri and mourns the tragedy of the fatal house fire, the community stands united in offering support and remembrance. Stay connected for updates on the investigation and tributes to Mark’s memory. #MarkMitri #BuffaloTragedy #HouseFire”

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  1. He is my uncle and my friend he was the most charismatic and friendly and funniest man I ever met I’m going to miss him so much. Nothing is going to be the same .. rest in heaven uncle Mark 🙏 💔 🕊🕊 we love you

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