Sabin Baral Missing, Sabin Baral Missing from Punchbowl - Community Assistance Needed

Sabin Baral Missing, Sabin Baral Missing from Punchbowl – Community Assistance Needed

In a concerning turn of events, 26-year-old Sabin Baral has been reported missing from Punchbowl, raising worries about his well-being. The New South Wales Police Force is seeking public assistance to help locate Sabin, who was last seen on November 19, 2023, at a residence on Victoria Road, Punchbowl. As the community bands together to support the search efforts, let’s explore the details surrounding Sabin’s disappearance and how you can assist in bringing him back home.

Details of the Disappearance

Sabin Baral’s last known location was at a home on Victoria Road, Punchbowl, on November 19, 2023. Concerns grew when attempts to contact or locate him were unsuccessful, leading to the involvement of officers from Campsie Police Area Command on December 12, 2023. Given the unusual nature of his disappearance and the duration he has been missing, there is a heightened concern for Sabin’s welfare.

Description of Sabin Baral

Sabin is described as having an Indian Sub-Continental appearance, with a medium build, brown eyes, black hair, and a beard and moustache. This distinctive description can aid in recognizing him, and it is crucial to stay vigilant in the Punchbowl and Riverwood areas, where Sabin is known to frequent.

Community Involvement

The community’s assistance is paramount in helping locate Sabin Baral. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts or have seen someone matching his description, please reach out to Campsie Police or Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000. Every piece of information, no matter how small, can be instrumental in bringing Sabin back to safety.


As the search intensifies for Sabin Baral, the community’s support is vital. Sharing this information through social media, word of mouth, and keeping an eye out in the Punchbowl and Riverwood areas can significantly contribute to the efforts of the New South Wales Police Force. Let’s come together to ensure Sabin’s safe return and support those who are working tirelessly to reunite him with his loved ones.

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