St - Coeur-de-Marie Accident, Tragic Incident in St-Coeur-de-Marie, Route 169 Closed After Vehicle Crash Sparks House Fire

St – Coeur-de-Marie Accident, Tragic Incident in St-Coeur-de-Marie, Route 169 Closed After Vehicle Crash Sparks House Fire

A somber incident unfolded in the St-Coeur-de-Marie sector in Alma, Quebec, as Route 169 near the Harts River was closed due to a vehicle crash into a residence, igniting a fire. This article delves into the details of the tragic event, the closure of Route 169, and the ongoing efforts to address the aftermath of the accident.

Route 169 Closure

Route 169, a significant roadway in Alma, Quebec, has been closed since 4:15 p.m. The closure, prompted by a severe incident, has impacted the St-Coeur-de-Marie sector, particularly near the Bécassines intersection. The closure is expected to endure for an indefinite period, disrupting local traffic.

Vehicle Crash into Residence

The cause of the Route 169 closure stems from a vehicle that crashed into a residence in the St-Coeur-de-Marie sector. The impact of the collision led to a fire, adding a layer of complexity to the emergency response and the subsequent closure of the affected route.

Emergency Response Efforts

Emergency services, including firefighters and law enforcement, swiftly responded to the scene to address the immediate aftermath of the crash. The priority is to contain the fire, assess the structural damage to the residence, and ensure the safety of those involved.

Fire Ignites at Residence

The collision between the vehicle and the residence resulted in a fire, intensifying the challenges faced by emergency responders. Firefighters are working diligently to extinguish the flames and prevent further damage to the property.

Impact on Local Traffic

The closure of Route 169 at the Harts River, near the Bécassines intersection, has significant implications for local traffic. Commuters are advised to seek alternative routes and stay informed about updates regarding the reopening of the affected road.

Ongoing Investigation

Authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the vehicle crash into the residence. Details regarding the cause of the accident, the extent of property damage, and any injuries sustained are likely to emerge as the investigation progresses.

Community Support

The St-Coeur-de-Marie community is coming together to offer support to those affected by this unfortunate incident. The collaborative effort of emergency responders and community members is crucial in managing the immediate aftermath and providing assistance to those impacted.


The closure of Route 169 in the St-Coeur-de-Marie sector in Alma, Quebec, following a vehicle crash and subsequent house fire, paints a challenging picture for the local community. Emergency response efforts are underway to address the situation, and residents are urged to stay informed about the closure and any developments related to the ongoing investigation. As the community comes together to navigate through these difficult circumstances, the focus remains on ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals involved.

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