Timaru Motel Shooting Incident, Police Investigate Double Shooting Overnight

Timaru Motel Shooting Incident, Police Investigate Double Shooting Overnight

A troubling incident unfolded overnight in Timaru as police launch an investigation into a double shooting at a local motel. In this article, we explore the details surrounding the Timaru motel shooting, the victims involved, and the ongoing police efforts to understand and resolve this concerning incident.

Double Shooting at Timaru Motel

Timaru was rattled overnight as two individuals fell victim to a shooting incident at a local motel. The unsettling event has prompted a swift response from law enforcement, sparking an intensive investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding the double shooting.

Victims Admitted with Gunshot Injuries

The aftermath of the incident saw a man dropped off at a Timaru petrol station just before 2 am, bearing a gunshot wound. Simultaneously, a woman was admitted to the hospital with similar injuries, believed to be linked to the same shooting incident. The victims’ conditions remain a focal point as investigators piece together the timeline of events.

Seized Vehicle and Ongoing Examination

Police have seized a vehicle believed to be connected to the Timaru motel shooting and have initiated a thorough examination. The vehicle may hold crucial evidence shedding light on the circumstances leading to the double shooting. Authorities are leaving no stone unturned as they delve into the forensic examination of this key piece of evidence.

Scene Examination at Evans St Motel

The Timaru motel shooting is believed to have taken place at a motel on Evans St. A comprehensive scene examination is currently underway as investigators meticulously gather evidence and analyze the surroundings to understand the dynamics of the incident. The motel’s role in the shooting is a critical aspect of the ongoing investigation.

Police Appeal for Information

Law enforcement is actively seeking information from the public related to the Timaru motel shooting. Individuals with any knowledge or details pertaining to the incident are urged to call the police on 105 and quote reference number 231222/9424. Public cooperation plays a vital role in helping authorities piece together the puzzle surrounding this shooting.

Concurrent Incidents in Christchurch

The Timaru motel shooting follows another tragic incident in Christchurch, where a man was fatally stabbed in the early hours of the morning, initiating a homicide probe. While the incidents are separate, they highlight a concerning trend in violent incidents, prompting heightened awareness and vigilance in the community.


As the investigation into the Timaru motel shooting unfolds, the community awaits answers and strives for a resolution to this unsettling incident. The collaboration between law enforcement and the public is paramount in unraveling the details surrounding the double shooting. The incidents in Timaru and Christchurch underscore the importance of community safety and the ongoing efforts to address and prevent such acts of violence.

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