Tragedy Strikes Lower Burrell: Shooting Death of Business Owner David Magill

Tragedy Strikes Lower Burrell: Shooting Death of Business Owner David Magill

In a shocking turn of events, the peaceful town of Lower Burrell was rocked by a tragic incident on Thursday morning. David Magill, a well-known business owner and beloved figure in the community, fell victim to a fatal shooting near Wildlife Lodge Road and Leechburg Road.

The Victim: David Magill

David Magill was the owner of Mogie’s Irish Pub & Magill’s Grill, establishments known for their warm atmosphere and community spirit. Magill, a father of four, was admired for his generosity and event organization skills. The incident occurred as he was preparing to open his business for lunch, leaving the community in grief.

Eyewitness Account

Greg Mellish, a nearby worker, heard six gunshots and rushed to the scene. He discovered Magill with visible gunshot wounds and immediately initiated CPR until emergency services arrived. Bullet holes on Magill’s pickup truck indicated the severity of the attack.

The Suspect: Nathan Salem

Within minutes of the shooting, 45-year-old Nathan Salem from Lower Burrell turned himself in at City Hall, confessing to his involvement in the shooting. Salem, now facing charges of criminal homicide, admitted to having two guns in his truck with expanding rounds capable of penetrating ballistic vests.

Community Response

The news of David Magill’s death has sent shockwaves through Lower Burrell, where he was not just a business owner but a pillar of the community. Members remember him as an exceptional father, organizer, and giver. As the investigation unfolds, the community is grappling with the loss and seeking justice for Magill and his grieving family.


The tragic shooting of David Magill has left Lower Burrell in mourning. The impact of this incident reaches beyond the loss of a local business owner; it is a devastating blow to the tight-knit community. As details emerge, residents join together to remember Magill’s contributions and support each other through this difficult time.

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