Chloe Stott Accident, Owner of Clover Skin Bar in Lindon, UT

Chloe Stott Accident, Owner of Clover Skin Bar in Lindon, UT

The Wickenburg community in Arizona is grappling with profound sorrow following a tragic car accident that claimed the life of Chloe Stott, the owner of Clover Skin Bar in Lindon, UT. The incident, which occurred late Wednesday night on US 93, has left the town in shock and mourning. The Wickenburg Arizona Police responded promptly to the single-vehicle accident at milepost 192, initiating investigations into the circumstances surrounding Chloe Stott’s unexpected death.

The Devastating Accident

The fatal car accident, which unfolded at milepost 192 on US 93, has left the Wickenburg community in mourning. Chloe Stott, renowned as the owner of Clover Skin Bar in Lindon, UT, lost her life in the tragic incident that occurred late on Wednesday night.

Authorities Respond Swiftly

Upon receiving information about the mishap around 10:05 p.m., local authorities, including the Wickenburg Arizona Police, swiftly arrived at the accident scene. The closure of US 93 for several hours added to the significant impact on the town and redirected drivers, causing disruptions to regular traffic flow.

Investigation Underway

Law enforcement officials have been working tirelessly throughout the night, conducting investigations and examining the accident site. The community is anxiously awaiting answers as authorities continue to probe the details surrounding Chloe Stott’s untimely death.

Impact on Community and Road Safety

The closure of the vital US 93 highway for a prolonged period underscores the importance of road safety. The tragedy serves as a poignant reminder of the potential consequences of a single moment on the roadway and highlights the critical need for vigilance while driving.

Community Grieves and Offers Condolences

While the reopening of US 93 signals a return to regular traffic, the grief in the community remains palpable. Wickenburg residents express their condolences to Chloe Stott’s family and friends, acknowledging the profound loss of a life cut short. The tragic event has brought the precarious nature of life into sharp focus, prompting the community to stand in solidarity and offer support to the grieving loved ones.


As the investigation continues, the Wickenburg community grapples with the aftermath of Chloe Stott’s tragic passing. The accident serves as a somber reminder of the fragility of life and the imperative of road safety. During this challenging period, the community extends its heartfelt sympathy to Chloe Stott’s family and friends, standing united in grief and support.

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