M5 Accident, Gloucestershire, Police Incident Prompts Closure of M5 in Gloucestershire, Concerns for Welfare

M5 Accident, Gloucestershire, Police Incident Prompts Closure of M5 in Gloucestershire, Concerns for Welfare

A section of the M5 in Gloucestershire faced closures on the evening of December 14 due to a police incident, with officers responding to concerns for welfare. The stretch between junctions 10 (Cheltenham) and 11 (A40/Gloucester) experienced disruptions as motorists were urged to avoid the area. This article delves into the details of the incident, the impact on traffic, and the subsequent reopening of the affected lanes.

Closure Due to Police Incident

On the evening of December 14, a police incident unfolded on the M5 in Gloucestershire, prompting closures between junctions 10 (Cheltenham) and 11 (A40/Gloucester). Gloucestershire Police responded to concerns for welfare, leading to disruptions in both directions.

Concerns for Welfare Incident

The closure was initiated as a response to a “concerns for welfare” incident, indicating that the police were dealing with a situation involving the well-being of an individual. The nature of the incident and the individuals involved were not immediately disclosed.

Traffic Disruptions and Advisories

Drivers in the affected area were advised to steer clear of the M5 stretch between junctions 10 and 11. The closure, impacting both northbound and southbound carriageways, resulted in traffic stoppages. Authorities sought cooperation from motorists to facilitate the police response.

Inrix Updates on Road Status

Road monitoring website Inrix provided real-time updates on the situation, indicating that the road was blocked just after 9 pm. The closure persisted for nearly an hour, with all lanes reopening just before 10 pm, as confirmed by cameras showing the road reopening at around 9:55 pm.

Police Spokesperson Advisory

Gloucestershire Police issued an advisory for motorists to avoid the area around junction 10 of the M5. The closure, affecting both northbound and southbound lanes, was enacted to facilitate the police response to the concerns for welfare incident. Details regarding the incident were kept limited, emphasizing the ongoing nature of the police operation.


The closure of a segment of the M5 in Gloucestershire due to a police incident involving concerns for welfare underscores the importance of law enforcement responding to potential crises. While disruptions impacted motorists for a brief period, the reopening of the affected lanes signaled the conclusion of the police operation. The incident serves as a reminder of the complex challenges faced by law enforcement in ensuring public safety on major roadways.

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