Marayna Rogers Missing, Search Intensifies as Friend Faces Kidnapping Charge

Marayna Rogers Missing, Search Intensifies as Friend Faces Kidnapping Charge

In a concerning turn of events, Marayna Rogers, a 23-year-old medical assistant, has been reported missing since December 6. As her family and loved ones anxiously await any information on her whereabouts, the situation has taken a troubling twist with the arrest of Sakari Harnden, a 19-year-old friend, who now faces a first-degree kidnapping charge in connection with Marayna’s disappearance.

Last Seen on December 6

According to information provided by Marayna Rogers’ loved ones, the 23-year-old was last seen on December 6, adding a layer of urgency to the ongoing search efforts. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance have raised concerns, especially considering her responsible role as a medical assistant and the strong ties she shares with her family in Washington state.

Friend Arrested in Connection with Disappearance

In a development that has added complexity to the case, Sakari Harnden, identified as Marayna’s friend, has been arrested and faces a first-degree kidnapping charge. The legal proceedings have heightened the sense of urgency and concern for Marayna’s well-being. As of the latest update, Harnden is held in a downtown Las Vegas jail on a substantial bail amount of $500,000.

Concerns for Marayna’s Safety

Marayna Rodgers’ family and friends express deep concern for her safety, highlighting that she would never willingly leave her family, especially given her stable job as a medical assistant. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the subsequent arrest have left those close to Marayna grappling with uncertainty and anxiety.

Community Awareness and Support

As the search for Marayna intensifies, the community is urged to remain vigilant and report any information that could assist in locating her. The collaboration of the community is crucial in times like these, fostering a sense of solidarity and support for the family as they navigate this distressing situation.

Ongoing Investigation

Law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the case, aiming to unravel the mystery behind Marayna Rodgers’ disappearance. The legal proceedings involving Sakari Harnden will likely shed light on the events leading up to the reported kidnapping charge. Updates from official sources are anticipated to provide clarity on the ongoing investigation.


The disappearance of Marayna Rodgers has cast a shadow of concern over the community, prompting a collective effort to locate her and ensure her safety. As friends, family, and authorities work together, the hope is that Marayna will be found unharmed, and any underlying issues contributing to her disappearance will be addressed. The community stands united in support of the search efforts and in solidarity with Marayna’s loved ones during this challenging time.

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