Matthew Grant found, Missing RIT Student Found Safe, Returned to Family

Matthew Grant found, Missing RIT Student Found Safe, Returned to Family

In a heartening turn of events, the missing Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) student, Matthew Grant, has been found safe after being missing for more than three weeks. This article provides details about the discovery, the successful efforts of law enforcement, and the joyous reunion with his family.

Safe and Sound

The Rochester Institute of Technology community and Matthew Grant’s family can breathe a sigh of relief as the 22-year-old student has been located safe. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office announced the positive news on Wednesday, ending the anxious wait for information about Grant’s well-being.

Reunion with Family

Matthew Grant has been reunited with his family, marking the end of a challenging period of uncertainty. The joyous reunion is a testament to the collaborative efforts of law enforcement, investigators, and multiple agencies that worked tirelessly to coordinate and locate the missing student.

Details Remain Confidential

While the press release from the Sheriff’s Office confirms Matthew Grant’s safe return, specific details about his whereabouts and how he was found remain confidential. The focus now shifts to providing the student and his family the privacy they need as they navigate the aftermath of this ordeal.

Gratitude Expressed

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office expressed gratitude to all the deputies, investigators, and partner agencies who contributed to the search effort. The tenacious coordination, follow-ups on leads, utilization of technology, and collaboration with the family played a crucial role in successfully locating Matthew Grant.

Community Partnerships and Media Support

The Sheriff’s Office acknowledged the role of media in spreading awareness and facilitating the efforts to reunite Matthew with his family. The collaboration between law enforcement and the media exemplifies the importance of community partnerships in times of crisis.

Background on Matthew Grant

Matthew Grant, a 22-year-old mechanical engineering major from Henrietta, was reported missing on November 20. He is also a captain on the Tigers’ wrestling team at RIT, adding to the concern and urgency surrounding his disappearance.

Previous Search Efforts

The search for Matthew Grant extended beyond the local region to the Adirondacks after surveillance footage placed him at a gas station near Syracuse in late November. The footage showed Grant alone and not in distress, providing some reassurance during the search.


The safe discovery of Matthew Grant brings relief to the RIT community and his family, ending the weeks-long uncertainty. The collaboration between law enforcement, investigators, and media highlights the importance of community support in such cases. As Matthew resumes his life, the focus now shifts to providing him and his family the privacy and support needed for the healing process.

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