Windsor Lockdown, Police Operation Resolves Peacefully After Negotiating with Individual

Windsor Lockdown, Police Operation Resolves Peacefully After Negotiating with Individual

Chapel Street in Windsor experiences a lockdown as Victoria Police conduct a major operation, closing off parts of the area. Learn about the incident, police negotiations, and the resolution that ensued.

Police Negotiation

A significant police operation unfolds on Albert Street, near Windsor train station, as officers negotiate with a man in his 20s.

Public Advisory

Victoria Police issues a statement urging the public to avoid the affected area during the ongoing operation.

Successful Conclusion

By 10 am, the police announce a peaceful resolution to the situation. The individual involved is taken to the hospital for assessment.

Rapid Response

The police were called to Albert Street around 7:30 am, prompting a swift and comprehensive response that included road closures and public safety measures.

Tram and Train Disruptions

Chapel Street closure affects transportation, with No.78 trams canceled between Swan Street and Dandenong Road. Trains are redirected due to a police request at Windsor station.

Normalization of Services

By midday, all transportation services resume, and roads reopen, restoring normalcy to the affected area.

Resident Experience

A 3AW talkback caller shares her experience of the lockdown, highlighting police instructions to remain indoors and the presence of a drone during the incident.

Brief Period of Concern

Residents express brief moments of fear and concern during the lockdown, emphasizing the impact on the local community.


The Windsor lockdown concludes peacefully, showcasing the effective response of Victoria Police. The incident’s resolution and the subsequent resumption of services bring relief to the affected community. Stay tuned for any further updates on this incident. #WindsorLockdown #VictoriaPoliceOperation #ChapelStreetIncident.

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