Who Was Alina Afanaskina? who was the Bryansk school shooter?

Who Was Alina Afanaskina? who was the Bryansk school shooter?

Delve into the tragic events of December 7, 2023, when a mass shooting unfolded at Bryansk school in Russia. Uncover the details surrounding the shooter, 14-year-old Alina Afanaskina, the victims, and the profound impact this incident had on the community.

The Bryansk School Shooting Incident

Explore the timeline of events on that fateful day, highlighting the message received by the city dispatch service, Afanaskina’s concealed weapons, and the targeted biology classroom where the shooting transpired. Provide a comprehensive overview of the aftermath, including fatalities, injuries, and the prompt evacuation of remaining students.

Alina Afanaskina – The Suspected Shooter

Dive into the background of Alina Afanaskina, an eighth-grade progymnasium student, suspected of committing the crime. Investigate the factors leading to the opening of a criminal case, including Afanaskina’s history of bullying since elementary school and conflicts with fellow students at Bryansk school.

Investigation and Personal Belongings

Examine the details revealed by State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein regarding Afanaskina’s personal belongings found at the crime scene. Uncover the significance of a backpack, a box of cartridges, and cryptic notes hinting at a meeting with a friend. Highlight the involvement of Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova in overseeing the investigation.

Legal Ramifications for Afanaskina’s Father

Discuss the arrest of Afanaskina’s father and the charges he faces, including correctional labor, compulsory labor, or imprisonment under the Russian Criminal Code. Explore the complexities of the charges, including incitement to suicide, adding layers to the broader implications of the tragedy.

Detention of School Deputy Director

Examine the detention of Larisa Katolikova, deputy director of Gymnasium No. 5, where the shooting occurred. Understand the charges she faces under negligence laws and the legal implications of her role in the tragic event.


Conclude the article by reflecting on the profound impact of the Bryansk school shooting, emphasizing the need for community support, mental health awareness, and comprehensive measures to prevent such tragedies in educational institutions.

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